Vet Vaccination And Consultation In Oxford



uring your pet’s vet vaccination and consultation, we will take a history and discuss with you your pet’s symptoms. Your pet will be examined by the vet, looking at key areas of concern but also taking into account a wider overview of their body systems. For larger dogs, this usually takes place on the floor and for smaller pets, on the consulting table. Many cats like to have a wander around and explore the room as we chat! We feel that you and your pet deserve not to feel rushed during the consultation, so all our appointments are more than 15 minutes long. If you are seeing our specialist this will take longer, so please take this into account when arranging your appointment.

Vet Consultation in Oxford

To assist us in diagnosing your pet’s problems it is always a great help if you can bring any records you have of changes in their normal routine. Videos of unusual behaviour and, in the case of any urinary problems, a sample is always appreciated! If your pet is on medication, or supplements we don’t know about, it is helpful if you bring these with you. If you think your pet has ingested a toxic substance, bringing the packaging can speed up identifying the correct treatment.

Fast Vet Consultation And Treatment in Oxford

Some minor tests, such as skin scrapes or blood tests, may be carried out ‘while-you-wait’ or even in the consulting room.
More major procedures will be discussed and arranged for later the same day or scheduled at a more suitable time. The benefits and risks of any tests and treatment options will be reviewed and an estimate of costs provided.

Always feel free to ask questions, after all, it is your pet, and you need to feel happy with the treatment plan. If there is anything you don’t understand, we are always happy to go through things again. Finally, don’t forget to let us know if there is anything else we can do for your pet before you head home. For example, some overgrown nails to clip or that pesky worming tablet to administer!



accines have been the cause of much debate in both veterinary and human fields over recent years. At Oxford Vets Hilltop we believe in vaccination, as we have seen the tragic consequences of unvaccinated individuals. However we also offer titre-testing for cats and dogs which will help us to form a protection plan tailored to your pet’s individual needs.

The puppy/kitten course of two injections, usually given at 8 & 11 weeks of age (dogs) and 9 & 12 weeks of age (cats), and a further booster one year later are the most crucial in providing protection.

After the first year, we stagger our vaccines, as recommended by the WSAVA, so that your pet receives the minimum components they need each year. We can also discuss which diseases are relevant to your particular pet’s lifestyle. For example 100% indoor cats will not need the same protection as their free-roaming counterparts.

We recognise that each individual’s circumstances will be different and should you prefer your pet to undergo titre testing, please let us know.

Regardless of the vaccines your pet receives, we recommend annual health checks to detect and address health issues early on. These are important as your pet ages. For some senior pets, we would recommend visiting us twice a year to identify risk factors for geriatric diseases, before they cause problems. Our nurses carry out geriatric clinics which can offer peace of mind between your visits to the vet.