Hilltop Vets Blog

01 Mar 2019Springtime Hazards

After the dreary winter months, we look forward to the first flowers in the spring. Crocuses sprout out of the ground and tulips brighten up many living rooms.

28 Feb 2019Neutering

Neutering is the surgical removal of the reproductive organs, the testicles in the male animal ( castration ) and the uterus and ovaries in female animals ( ovariohysterectomy or spey ).

28 Feb 2019Even our pets’ hearts can become ill…

There are some warning signs that suggest your pet may be suffering from heart disease. Typically dogs will show clinical signs of heart disease earlier than cats, with symptoms including

14 Jun 2017From Barn to Brilliant!!!

Building a dream….We hope you enjoy these photos charting the transformation of our building over the winter into the amazing facility we have at Hilltop today

12 Jan 2017Alabama Rot Suspected In Oxfordshire

I hoped our first blog would be about the process of converting an ex-agricultural building into a vet surgery, with photos of the amazing changes that took place in ‘The Barn’ during the Autumn/Winter before Hilltop opened.